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“Lockdown no good for us” say LOCH NESS Glamping Highland calves

Two Highland calves Iona & Skye residing at Loch Ness Glamping are fed up with lockdown.

“We normally have lots of guests brushing our hairy coats and taking photos at this time of year” said Skye “and there is just no one about”

“We just don’t understand what’s going on” said Iona “our owners have spent lots of time halter training us and teaching us how to behave around our guests.”

Skye says she has lots of friends in the next field who are much smaller than them and bleat a lot.

“Our owners have been working hard to make the place look great and I can see our little brothers in the far field being looked after by our Mums” said Iona proudly.

“We can see the Glamping pods from our field and they are empty”

Skye reckons she fancies a night in one herself.

“We long for the day when things get back to normal and the place is buzzing with guests again” Iona says hopefully.

Both Skye and Iona declined to comment on the government’s handling of the crisis as they had just spied some tasty looking grass on the other side of their field and were last seen heading off for a munch.

Sonia and Graham are ready to welcome you for a Highland Experience from 1st July.

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