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THE DOME GARDEN Glamping Gloucestershire

The Dome Garden
Mile End
GL16 7EN
Telephone: 07974 685 818 

Website:  ​

Prices from per night
£343 for a 4 night break

Accommodation sleeps
Varies with dome

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Glamping Gloucestershire

Set in the middle of the ancient Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire Dome Garden is a unique glamping collection of eleven insulated geodesic domes for groups of two to eight people.These are space age, eco-lodges formed into a genuine, luxury camping village with a stylish blend of outdoor life, environmental principles and real luxury facilities.  All the domes have individual en-suites with flushing loos and wood fired showers or baths. They have proper beds, luxury linen and wood burning stoves – everything you need for a fantastic UK glamping break.

The Dome Garden is not a hotel, but it does have lovely linen, fine food and cool ensuites. Nor is it a campsite, but there are pegs and zips, with cosy fires and lots of canvas.  We think it’s the benchmark for UK Glamping Sites. The Sunday Times, The Guardian, National Geographic, Cool Camping, and even Mumsnet, all agree, naming us ‘The Best UK Glamping site’ or in the ‘Top 5 Luxury Camping Sites in the UK’.   But judge for yourselves! Dig around here to see what’s going on,what people say & what makes us different.

It has fires and stoves you light yourselves, it has pizza nights that make you want to go home and build your own oven. It has things to do and places to go and, if you don’t want to cook for yourselves, an informal cafe that provides random acts of casual gastronomy for discerning palates. As well as some ridiculously named bottles of wine;  “Cote du Dome, anyone?”

The Domes are all designed as self-contained units. They range from 12ft to 24 ft across and are all equipped with everything you need for the coolest camping ‘ extravaganza.

They will comfortably take a family of four
or five, or six if you squeeze,
or two if you’re feeling romantic…
or just one if you’re feeling poetic!
(or have no friends)

People don’t just come in one shape or size – so why should our domes.  There are now four types of dome catering to slightly different groups. They all produce light and airy spaces that, thanks to mostly insulated covers and their own wood burning stoves, should keep you snug as the proverbial bug, no matter what mother nature decides to throw at you during the day

An elegant piece of glamping purity a 20ft dome with ensuite shower or, in one case, a double ended bath.  We called them the Simple domes because they are straightforward honest and simply furnished. They take four people, or five with a child, and are, well, simply lovely. 

You’ve heard of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon; Well, these are the Hanging Beds of the Dome Garden. Domes have space – lots of it – but mostly in the roof. So with a bit of ingenuity they’ll cope with a surprising number of people – as long as they’re happy to be strung up like chickens in a coop!   So the dome-itories, still 20ft in diameter but with a mix of aerial hammock beds and aerial bed platforms.

The smaller of the two takes 5 brave Domateers, but the larger one is built for 6 thanks to a little extension, The Toblerone – a very cosy, stick-out pod with room for two!

Whichever one you choose, the Domitories are just perfect for a friendly, playful group of glampers or the more numerous family.  NB Prices here are for the small domitory. For the 6 person one it’s the same as for the Double Dome…

Barely seen since they were invented in 1948, this dome, with its external frame, is not only a miraculous blend of  engineering and philosophy but now the ultimate luxury glamping double act.  Here, the 17ft exo-dome sits across from a tiny 12ft bed-dome.  So, two domes for the price of one – well, one and a bit maybe…But which half to choose?  Easy now… we don’t want a fight!!  Nose to nose they face each other. Only a luxury bathroom stands between them.

In the Green Corner… weighing in at 17ft. The Exo-Dome. A super strong stainless steel skeleton supporting a lightweight internal shell, with enough space inside to swallow up to four people. This is the Goliath of a dome!

In the (other) Green Corner… dwarfed by the opposition across the deck stands the 12ft bed-dome. But don’t be mislead, this didi-dome packs a mighty punch! With a triple-bed set in the floor and a giant sky panel in the roof it’s ideal for couples who want to moon or families who like to rumble.

One giant done with room for eight on two levels. This is the dome that makes you go WOW !! And wooh. And waaaah!.  Why’s it called the Superdome? ‘Cos it does what it says on the tin. Super in every sense of the word… super sized, super fun, but above all super cool!

In the roof you’re all at sea in five supercomfy pipe cots normally found on ocean going yachts surrounding a slightly unnerving swinging double bed all dangling on cables from the roof and accessed by a little spiral staircase.  Down below a wood burning rocket mass heater warms a circular bench where jolly groups can sit and chat around a warming recycled oil drum.


Random acts of casual gastronomy. That’s our thing. We quite like that. It’s not a full on restaurant by any means but every few days , the main bar miraculously transforms into a casual little cafe or a pop up pizza parlour. “The Lodge Bar” it’s called, and we serve properly tasty foodie food with some wackily named properly tasty wine. Mango Tango. Bangers, beans and booze, Best Beef Ever, and this coming year Perfect Pork on our new Japanese grills. And all slooshed down with a bottle of Domignon Blanc or a glass of Cotes Du Dome!

A great social event and have become the reason many people come back to the Dome Garden.  So twice a week, we dust off our copy of The Godfather theme tune and fire up the oven with a barrow of logs. It was two months in the building and takes almost as long to heat up, but it does produce some mighty world class pizzas.


SIMPLE DOME (Sleeps up to 4 plus1)
From £343 for a midweek break
From £393 per weekend
From £625 per week

SMALL DOM-ITORY DOME (Sleeps up to 5)
From £393 for a midweek break
From £454 per weekend
From £757 per week

DOUBLE DOME (Sleeps up to 6 plus 1)
From £474 for a midweek break
From £494 per weekend
From £848 per week

THE SUPERDOME (Sleeps up to 8)
From £585 for a midweek break
From £626 per weekend
From £959 per week


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