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COVID-19 has changed many things about our lives but the one thing on everyone’s mind is how it will impact their summer holiday plans. The thought of sitting on a flight packed with people seems rather unappealing right now. That’s why I implore the British public to rediscover the beautiful countryside that lies on their doorstep.

There are many reasons why a glamping holiday will be a better choice. Glamping offers a naturally socially-distant holiday, one that won’t require a 2 week quarantine when you return like international travel. Not to mention, our British tourism industry needs all of the support that it can get right now.

Our glamping site at White House on Wye Glamping has been sitting empty all year (apart from when we had our ‘staycation’!) and we have been preparing measures to safely welcome guests as soon as restrictions are lifted. We’re expecting to see glamping as a popular choice in summer as restrictions are lifted, and here is why.

Safety In Small Numbers
We don’t know exactly what restrictions we will be living with in the future but we know for sure that the virus isn’t going away fast. So although we may be soon allowed to travel, big crowds are off the cards for sure. The British countryside offers the space you need for a socially-distanced holiday where you can travel without worrying about running into hoards of people.

Glamping is the perfect getaway as it is socially distanced by design. It is out in the open, often secluded and private. Whatsmore, outdoor activities such as fishing and golf are already permitted under the government’s rules giving you plenty to do on your trip.

International Restrictions
There is still a lot of uncertainty and risk surrounding international travel. We’re not sure if we’ll be allowed abroad and if so, what the conditions will be. Will you have to quarantine for 2 weeks on your return?

With the situation changing all the time, it would be highly inconvenient to be stuck abroad if a lockdown was reinstated. The beaches of Spain and the mountains of France will still be there next year, come and explore the wilds of Britain in places like Herefordshire or Devon.

Support UK Tourism
It’s no secret that COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the economy. The UK tourism industry is a collection of thousands of small operators (80% of the industry is in fact small/medium businesses), many of whom have been struggling as they have missed the peak Easter trade.  We owe it to our country to keep our money circulating around small local UK businesses that need it.

Here are a few ways that people have been supporting their local glamping sites and how you can to:

Vouchers. Many local companies are offering vouchers. These are great presents for friends and family that you can’t currently be with. What a better way to say ‘I can’t wait to see you’, than a voucher for plans to do together.

Don’t cancel, postpone. If you currently have holidays booked that you think you might not be able to attend, postpone it instead of cancelling. Taking the cash from small businesses can be very damaging.

Book in advance. Know that you have a celebration coming up? A hen-do for 2021 or birthday can easily be booked in advance and you might even be able to get some discounts.

So forget about jetting off this year and discover the adventure that is right under your nose. You’ll be safer for it and will be supporting British tourism. You may even find you’ll want to come back for years to come!

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