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Have your holiday plans been spoiled this year due to COVID-19? A glamping break, right here in the UK, could be exactly what you need. Glamping offers a welcome break from technology and the demands of everyday life – not to mention it will give you something to look forward to during these unprecedented times!

What is Glamping?
The word ‘glamping’ is a portmanteau (combination of) ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’. More luxurious than traditional camping, glamping allows you to simply turn up at a building or structure and enjoy your stay, with no tent assembly required! More deluxe glamping sites offer en-suite bathrooms and private cooking facilities, with restricted guest numbers (unlike hotels and holiday complexes). Glamping sites are often located in rural areas with picturesque settings – there is something quite remarkable about the peace and tranquillity you can find on a short glamping break…

Improve Your Mental Wellbeing
COVID-19 and lockdown have had a devastating impact upon the physical and mental health of many, and may have provoked you to reassess your priorities – after all, the health and safety of ourselves and our loved ones is the most important thing in life. Whilst glamping cannot cure physical illnesses, it can certainly boost your mental health; being tucked away with your loved ones, where the fresh air is plentiful and beautiful views lie all around, is scientifically proven to be good for the soul.

Health benefits of glamping include:
• Watching and listening to wildlife helps you to relax and unwind
• Exposure to light and picturesque surroundings can help boost your mental health
• Spending quality time with your loved ones, away from all distractions, allows you to bond and reconnect
• Letting your body sleep and rise with the natural light cycles (as nature intended) restores our circadian rhythm
• Additional Vitamin D from all that time spent outdoors gives you a boost both physically and mentally
• Outdoor exercise has numerous health benefits, such as improving physical fitness
• Time spent away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life will help to reduce stress, leaving you feeling much happier and more energised

Boost Your Health with Hush Hush Glamping

Escape to the spectacular Welsh countryside with Hush Hush Glamping! Our glamping pod provides you with the perfect opportunity to reset, rebalance and recharge. Whisk yourself away from the pressures of everyday life and give your mind a much-needed digital detox, whether it be for a romantic weekend away or a mini-break that is jam-packed full of outdoor activities.

Here at Hush Hush Glamping, we are firm believers in the power of nature. With glamping offering numerous health benefits and opportunities to relax and unwind, not to mention the lack of international travel required, why not consider glamping with us this year?

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